Copper Dog

The Dipper Chronicles & Recipe Cards

Bring a little mischief to the table.

The challenge for Copper Dog was to tell the incredible back story of its origins on social. Working as Art Director at We Are Social, we came up with the Dipper Chronicles- animated tales that depict the brand dipper story through the lens of the historical, resourceful Scottish distillery workers who actually used the dipper.

Just like any good pub story thats brings a little mischief to the table, we used creative license to add a dash of myth to every tall tale. These animations were voiced by a rascal storyteller, in the form of Gordon Smart.

My role was to ensure the creative process and design direction of the animations were elevated to the craft levels of our treatment references. This involved overseeing our in-house designer to illustrate key scenes in the style of Hugo Guinness. While also sourcing and directing a third party animator to bring this to life, in the form of Instagram Reels and Stories.

30s version

15s version

6s version

Mix it up with Copper Dog.

Copper Dog’s unique blended Scotch whisky pairs well with certain ingredients. To give their audience some inspiration, recipe cards were created, with instructions of how to mix up the perfect cocktail. As Art Director, my role was to ensure these had synergy with the social feel of Copper Dog- using overlapped and cut out elements, in addition to brand fonts and colours. These cards were produced for various print, paid and organic media executions.