Meal Ticket

Bringing chivalry back to the table

The problem with dating.

What’s the problem with modern dating apps? They’re simply a “means to an end” for the male user. The “means” being women and the “end” goal of sex. The male just wants to get laid, then move on and continue swiping right. It’s an in and out job quite literally. It seems that people are in a rush to get their sex fix rather than actually taking the time to get to know each other.

There is no foundation for a long lasting relationship and subsequently most of these dating app rendezvous’ end up as short flings. Chivalry has gone off the table, in fact it’s not even on the menu anymore. Meal Ticket is an app that will aim to buck this trend, with the mission to bring chivalry back to the table.

The solution.


Women want to be more than a “means to an end”.


“Feed” women’s dating needs and they’ll be fuller for longer.


I endeavoured to go about this with a personal project of launching an app, utilising a simple USP- Dinner and dating. Simply put. These two things are synonymous with first dates and dating in general. They go hand in hand like bread and butter, cinemas and popcorn, Ant and Dec…you get the gist.

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The app.

At a very top level, this app will take dating back to the future. Using good old fashioned wining and dining as the only way to entice a love interest into a date. But in a digital world- an app, with 4 simple steps:

1. Match with a prospective partner.

2. Win them over with your patter.

3. Pitch them a meal ticket, with their favourite cuisine.

4. If they accept, go on a dinner date.

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Have a play with the app user journey.