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Bang tidy speakers

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This amazing piece of design, is brought to you by Bang and Olufsen, who are bringing a type of “smart” speaker into the modern technology-driven world. Essentially these aesthetically-pleasing speakers can be controlled by gestures, whilst playing music wirelessly. Bang and Olufsen have also devised a beautiful website to showcase the beoplay A9. An amazing piece of kit and surely this Christmas’s must have for all those with deeper pockets. Below is a summary of the new collection.

Danish high-end audio company Bang and Olufsen have developed a new collection of wireless sound systems. The ‘beoplay A9’ features a 2.1 bass reflex loudspeaker that combines five dedicated amplifier units and amps alongside a fine-tuned DSP (digital signal processor) algorithm to create deep ambient tones with its ‘adaptive bass linearization’ technology.

It provides two ¾-inch tweeters and two 3-inch midrange units, all four driven by separate 80-watt class D amplifiers, to deliver crisp highs and defined midtones. Capable of connecting wirelessly through iPhone, iPad or Android devices, the ‘beoPlay A9’ streams content via AirPlay or DLNA. Users can swipe their hands across the touch sensor for controlling volume, or to mute the system by simply resting it on top.

Designed with user customisation in mind, the unit can be placed either on the floor or hung for decoration. Oak, beech or teak wooden leg variations can be screwed into the base for additional stability, or placed as a canvas on the wall alongside other art pieces throughout the home. Additionally, the fabric covers can be easily swapped out according to specific color preferences.

And that’s how you do a fully integrated campaign…BING!
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Judith Ann Mcdermott at 10:16 pm, October 11, 2012 - Reply

I was just thinking about That Auction and you’ve really helped out. Thanks!