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Heinz replicates Ed Sheeran’s ketchup tattoo on limited edition bottles

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Ed Sheeran, redhead, musician, and long-term lover of Heinz Ketchup, now has matching tattoos with Heinz.

Following Sheeran’s very public proclamations of love for the red condiment, in June, Heinz recognised an opportunity to jump on the singer’s likeability when it transformed one of his direct messages about an ad idea into an actual television commercial.

Now the two have teamed up again to raise money for Rise Against Hunger and East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH).

Given Sheeran already has a tattoo of a Heinz Ketchup bottle on his right arm, it felt right that Heinz should get one to match, enlisting the creative agency David to design the bottles.

The limited-edition ‘Ed Sheeran X Heinz’ bottle features Sheeran’s Heinz tattoo, alongside a paw print, a rose, jigsaw pieces, among many other tattoos found exclusively on the singer’s skin.

Of the limited back of 150 bottles, 104 will be given away via an online sweepstakes while three bottles will be auctioned at Christie’s auction house.

The rest will be gifted to superfans or will travel to select museums across the globe for people to come and see.

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