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Netflix puts 2 Million in Cash inside a Bus Shelter in New York!

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This  Netflix campaign is exactly the definition of why I LOVE OOH media!  There are so many great opportunities to be creative and disruptive and generate social media buzz!!  By thinking outside the box, Netflix created a one-of-a-kind OOH campaign on the streets of NY.

I had the pleasure of working on a really creative campaign for Netflix – they designed 4 showcase shelter units to be placed in Manhattan, NY to promote Season 2 of their show Narcos.  For the showcase, they filled up the box with 2 Million US dollars (fake of course, but it looked very real)!  The tag line was that Pablo Escobar reportedly burnt 2 million dollars to keep his family warm one night.  Here is a photo of the showcase in NY:

 Although we had them add a decal at the bottom of the showcase that said “This is not real currency”, people still tried to break into the shelters….and they succeeded!  Someone tried to break in but didn’t get the $$$ 

Someone else smashed the shelter glass and then actually pried open the bottom of the showcase and took out all the cash!  MONEY GONE!!!!  But the rest of the showcase was still intact. 

At this point, there were 2 options – instead of just giving up on this location and putting in their static poster for the remainder of the campaign, the team at Netflix put their creative minds together and quickly came up with the idea to create a “ransom note” decal to be placed over the empty shelter – the note was made to look like it was from Pablo and it read “Return my plata or face my plomo”.  This is a very common theme in the show, plata and plomo, and was a genius idea to add this to the shelter! 

 Adding the ransom note was a perfect touch – what a great way to salvage the shelter!  The best thing about this campaign was that it clearly was disruptive –  enough to have people try to break into them!  This campaign also was highly talked about on social media channels, people were posting photos of these shelters all over IG.

All around this was a beautiful execution, kudos to Netflix and the team at Rapport and Atomic Props!!  Proud to be part of a media format that is so creative.

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