Disney Proposal

A very Disney proposal goes viral

The brief

To find the most creative way of proposing to my now wife Simone, I centred the proposal around two of her interests- Disney and photographs. Using Disney as a smokescreen, I created a plausible story where Simone believed she was invited to an exclusive Disney exhibition, along with my sister, as a guest of my sister’s husband’s record label. The proposal went viral within days, amassing millions of media impressions.

The execution

Using actual Disney prints in the main gallery, with excerpts about each piece, I knew I could make the exhibition seem genuine. Authenticity was heightened with actors walking around, a photographer, Disney piano music and some waiters serving champagne. Downstairs, Simone thought there were one off prints for sale. What she actually found were milestone pictures from our relationship, reimagined in Disney form. Collaborating with an illustrator, I ensured each artwork replicated every detail of the original picture- from the outfits, to the backgrounds, to all the names and the dates within which each event took place.

The results

After posting a video on YouTube, the proposal went viral organically, without any paid media or PR.


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