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Spanning 2 years of the Rugby Six Nations tournaments, my role as Art Director was to expand the social conversation around Guinness and their sponsorship of the tournament. This led to two very different, yet very impactful campaigns, putting Guinness in focus across socials, live events and beyond. With the welcome bonus of overseeing production for the Women's Six Nations campaign in 2021.




Art Direction, Design Direction, Oversight, Production


The Guinness Six Nations 2021 took place behind two sets of closed doors. No fans in stadiums and none in the pubs (Covid-19). So how did we ensure Guinness inspire people to make the most of the at home rugby viewing occasion and buy lot’s of Guinness in a can to drink at home? With our ‘Home of rugby’ campaign pitting the Six Nations as a Super Bowl-style event.

As Art Director and Design Lead I oversaw a team of designers to deliver all assets for this campaign, across multiple mediums, including: A launch film reframing the at home occasion; Food partnership IGTV series with MOB Kitchen; LIVE Cook along with rugby legends, influential chefs and MOB Kitchen in collaboration with Facebook Portal; Social match reactives and more.


Did you know that women’s sports coverage in the media reportedly accounts for just 6% of the overall total? To promote the 2021 Women’s Six Nations Championship, we created ‘Never Settle', a campaign that aimed to increase the visibility of women’s rugby, through a range of assets across social media. 

With Guinness sponsoring the Rugby Six Nations 2020, my role as Art Director was to expand the social conversation around Guinness away from just the hardcore fans, to also tap into ‘rugby flirts’. This meant cultivating the social look and feel for the KV strapline, as well as key pillars of the campaign, across multiple mediums.With Britain divided due to socio-economic pressures such as Brexit, Guinness invited fans from all nations to “Come as rivals, but leave as friends”. Celebrating the camaraderie unique to rugby- the ‘gentleman’s sport’. So rather than taunt your rivals, this campaign was a celebration of friendship and respect amongst European rivals. Where Guinness provided fans with a welcome opportunity to come together, with a 360 sponsorship campaign.

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