UCL 20/21 Goal Tutorial & Finale

UCL Goal Tutorial 20/21.

The brief was to revitalise PlayStation’s Goal Tutorial matchday social asset in line with the new PS5 Masterbrand design direction. While also communicating the product benefits of the new DualSense controller, for the knockout stage of the 2020/21 UEFA Champions League Season. This was delivered on Instagram and localised for all territories.

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As Creative Lead, I was in continual dialogue with PlayStation’s tech and brand team to establish the best way of highlighting the controls, the treatment of title cards, the music and motion effects, to elevate the tutorial to the new Masterbrand direction. This involved a lot of trial and error, as well as experimentation with the physical controller itself, to correctly visualise the nuances and haptic feedback of PlayStation’s next-gen DualSense controller. I then oversaw a motion designer to bring this vision to life.

The Champions League Final.

The brief was to support PlayStation’s sponsorship activation around the 2021 UEFA Champions League Final with content for PlayStation’s central & local (IG/FB/TW) owned social channels.

Sponsorship Objective: Increase awareness of PlayStation’s sponsorship and association to football, around the huge cultural moment of the UEFA Champions League Final.

Communication Objective: Excite & engage the PlayStation football community across the build-up and UCL Final weekend, through credible/authentic content.

As creative lead my role was to concept, storyboard and pitch feasible ideas to the client. Once signed off I had to oversee the design team to deliver these ideas on brand.

What we delivered:

1. UCL Final Hype Asset: A split screen hype reel honing in on real life and FIFA simulated celebrations of our two finalists, which simultaneously displayed the controls required to perform those celebrations in-game. This was a painstaking process to art direct, involving hours of recording PS5 footage to mirror the real life celebrations and then overseeing a motion designer to sync the edit with real life footage. The hard hours were worth it for the final deliverable and impressive amount of social interactions.

2. Predictor Asset: A cut down of our hype asset pitting the question of who would win to our audience, using a native Instagram question sticker.

3. Team Congratulations: We commissioned an Illustrator to capture the winning moment as if it was played out perfectly on a PS5. This involved a lot of art direction to ensure there were easter eggs of the winning team’s colours, players and PlayStation paraphernalia. We made both outcomes in advance and posted the winning team illustration straight after the match, on PlayStation’s various social territories.

Hype Asset

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Team Congratulations

Predictor Asset

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