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Plunge into the unknown with Lacoste’s The Big Leap

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We all know how nerve-racking first kisses can be but Lacoste takes it to extremes comparing it to jumping off of a tall building.

The BETC Paris-created spot is meant to visualise the brand’s strapline ‘Life is a beautiful sport’ and in it we see a young man overcoming his fears to lock lips with the object of his affections.

The metaphorical plunge into the unknown is beautifully shot and captures all the emotions which go with a budding romance.

Premiering in France during the Winter Olympics, the campaign is set to run globally from March 2014 and will be shown on TV and cinema in 30” and 60” iterations.

Agency: BETC Paris

Executive Creative Director: Remi Babinet

Creative Director: Antoine Choque

Art Director: Damien Bellon, Gabrielle Attia

Copywriter: Gabrielle Attia, Damien Bellon

Additional Credits: Strategic Planning: Clement Boisseau

Traffic: Michele Bertona

TV Producer: David Green

Production Company: Wanda

Producer: Patrick Barbier, Romain Cavagnac

Sound: Schmooze

Director: Seb Edwards


Music: Discolsure – “You & Me” ft Eliza Doolittle – Flume Remix / Universal Music Publishing

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